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If you have been injured or accused of a crime in Colorado Springs you need an attorney who will aggressively fight for your rights and be there every step of the way for the very best outcome.

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Case Dismissed
My client was charged with Felony Menacing for threatening a man with a knife. My client was clearly doing so to protect a dog who was being hit and abused by the alleged victim. Through lengthy negotiations with the District Attorney, I was able to get the client’s case completely dismissed.

Case Dismissed, Records Sealed
She was charged with multiple crimes including domestic violence, 3rd degree assault, harassment, menacing and false imprisonment. I met with the client over the weekend after she was released. I was able to begin working with my client to prove that she was the true victim of domestic violence and within weeks of charges being filed, I was able to have my clients case dismissed and record sealed.

Case Dismissed
My client was charged with driving under restraint, also known as DUR. He is a mechanic and needs his place to live and the ability to get to work. I was able to convince the district attorney to dismiss the charges against my client with no jail time because it was in the best interest for him to be able to continue to work.

Jeremy Loew has represented individuals charged with the following offenses:
Domestic Violence
Sexual Assault
Drug Crimes
Violations of Probation
Gun Possession
Juvenile Offenses
Preliminary Hearings
Restraining Order Hearings.

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